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Paid Viewpoint is a survey provider that you can complete daily surveys on your mobile device. These surveys are short in length (around 2 minutes to complete) and are on different topics that are easy to answer. For each survey you complete, you are rewarded on average around $0.49 each.

Payment Threshold

Once you reach your first threshold of $15 you will be paid using PayPal and the next payment threshold goes down to $10. After cashing out a second time, your threshold goes down to $5.

Our Offer to our members

As an affiliate and user of Paid Viewpoint we receive a commision for everyone that joins through our link (everytime they cash out). We are offering to share this commision with you 50/50 which can be upto $25 each time giving you even more earnings. This will also be paid through PayPal or Bitcoin.

Make it go further

Once you have joined Paid Viewpoint (through our link) you can invite others to join the survey provider (through your own affiliate link) and choose to share your commision or keep it for yourself.

Sign up now for free through our link

Happy Earning!

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