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No Funds No Problem

If you have been putting off buying, Investing & Trading on the Cryptocurrency Market because of No Funds or Scared of Using your own money then read on...

This trading platform allows you to mine your funds initially before cashing them out as USDT (US Dollar Tokens).

Once you cash out (into the trading platform) you can start investing into the crypto market. Whatever you make is yours!


▪️Download StormGain or goto the StormGain Website to register.

▪️Open StormGain and goto the 'miner' section and click the mining button...

▪️Using our link you should get 2 USDT straight away

▪️You need to activate the miner every 4 hours to keep the mining consistent

▪️You are eligible to cash out to the platform after mining at least 10 USDT

▪️Each 10 USDT you mine is ongoing and takes around 1 week each time

▪️When you have it on the platform click the trading button

▪️This is where you need to trade in order to make money on your earned mining tokens

▪️Become a member of website to be able to learn the basics of profitable trading.

This is one of the easiest ways of getting into investing on the crypto market without the worry of using your own funds. The more you mine, the more you can invest into your trades. The money you make is all profit.

Don't forget: Become a member of our website (for free) to get a step-by-step basic (but profitable) tutorial.

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