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Make Money Today with CPA Marketing

CPA stands for Cost Per Action and in this latest blog we will explain how you can start making money using this method. The aim is to advertise your unique cpa link and get as many potential customers to take an interest of each advertisement as possible. Whether they click on your link or take action by completing an offer you will get rewarded. We will also provide you ways of advertising your cpa link for free so 100% of what you earn is yours!


Register with CPA Grip which is a CPA marketing platform. This is how you will make and withdraw your earnings. Make sure you goto the register section and fill out all the required information that is required.

Once registered you can log onto there website and choose an offer to promote by opening the menu and choosing 'Offer Tools'.

Once your on the 'Offer Tools' part of the site you need to choose offers for whatever country that you want to target. Make sure you click on All Devices' so you widen your ads to different devices that can see your ad. Pick an offer with the credentials that you require and get your unique link that you need to promote. The payout for this particular offer is shown on the right side of the description.

Free Web Traffic for you ad

For free web traffic to your offer/link register yourself on a website called Traffic ad bar. This will enable you to earn free traffic by visiting other websites and links on the traffic ad bar website. To earn free traffic you will be required to look at other ads from other members, although you get 100,000 free points when you first register.

You have got 5 ad spaces to within the platform to use, so its better to use all 5 with different ads. This will give you a higher chance of getting more custom, but don't forget to use the exact same link copied from CPA Grip that you used earlier.

There are alot more free traffic sources you can use to promote your offers, you just need to type 'free traffic' into Google and make a list.

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