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Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Created a fantastic landing page and set up your affiliate links? But are struggling to find traffic to promote your offers?

This can be one of the major downfalls in any business, whether its online or not. If you don't have the customers to promote your business to, then all your initial hard work is wasted on empty eyes!

An email list is one of the biggest and best ways of promoting your business and links for free. It can be automated to any specific time and duration without much to do, other than initially setting it up.

The biggest problem is where can you require the emails from? And how do you know whether they will be interested in your products?

There is obviously a way of collecting emails through your website from people subscribing etc but again that can take a long time to build up an entire list!

We have come across an easy method and system to obtain emails for free from people interested in the same products and niche on which your promoting.

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