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Earn Ethereum and Bitcoin on autopilot

Investing in the crypto market is still possible even if you don't have the capital to buy using your own money. With Bitcoin and Ethereum being the two main coins to actually start your crypto journey, we will be starting and concentrating on these two coins in this post.

Idle-empire is one of many ways you can earn free crypto along with other payments like vouchers and PayPal payments. In this post we will be just concentrating on Idle-empire but will add more posts of ways to earn even more as we go.

Earning is done by participating in short surveys and completing tasks of your choice, but the best (passive) way we found was watching videos. You don't actually need to concentrate on watching any of the content as long as the video is playing in the background, you will still be earning!


1. Goto Idle-empire and create an account

2. Choose Earn and goto videos. This will take you to a website called where you will also need to create an account for watching the videos

3. Set up a web browser to constantly play and earn points which can be redeemed for Ethereum or Bitcoin and then cashed out to your crypto wallet passively. Just doesn't need much work to set up and it can be left on autopilot for as long as you want.

This is a way to increase the amount you have to invest in your crypto wallet. We recommend you hold your Bitcoin and Ethereum in your wallet to grow at a good rate...for example, Ethereum has gone up in value by 677k % in just over a year!

4. If you haven't got a crypto wallet then we recommend using coinbase, as this platform also gives you the opportunity to earn crypto by watching videos and answering questions.

In the following posts we will add even more opportunities to earn crypto which can be added together to accelerate your earnings and gain even more crypto to invest.

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