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Earn Crypto with the Coinbase Wallet without initial investment

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade, you should know what cryptocurrency is and how it works. Maybe you haven't invested in it or just scared of losing your own money! This is understandable if your not entirely sure what your getting yourself into!

This method allows you to start investing in cryptocurrency without having to buy or invest your own money...

We're going to have to sign up for a crypto "wallet" before we can do anything regarding crypto. This allows you to buy, hold and sell crypto as and when you wish. Just think of it as a virtual wallet which holds all your cash!

▪️The platform we are going to use is a wallet called COINBASE, which is a reputable company that stores all the investments that you are going to have. It allows you to buy, hold and sell different cryptocurrencies of your choice and then convert them to regular currencies like dollars$ or pounds£. Click on the link to goto the COINBASE website and sign up.

▪️When you initially sign up with coinbase you are able to take part in a series of training videos on new and upcoming cryptos. You will be rewarded for each training video you complete after answering a few questions at the end of each video. The amount of rewards will then be added to your wallet balance on each of the new cryptos you have learnt about.

▪️Because these are new cryptocurrencies, it will possibly take them a while to grow in value, so we recommend you change them into the well known and original "BITCOIN". This is very volatile in the crypto markets and can go up in value as quickly as it can go down in value, but will keep on growing in value in the long term.

▪️Obviously your going to sit on what you've got in your wallet and wait it out until the price of bitcoin gets more and more!

▪️Another way of investing on COINBASE is to actually invest your own money everytime BITCOIN goes down considerably. Buying "in the dip" will help you gain even more profits in the long run! There is a section on COINBASE that will actually alert you when there is a big price movement so you don't miss out in a good investing opportunity.

If you sign up to coinbase using any of these links on this page and decide to invest in a cryptocurrency then you can get a percentage free. If you buy $/£100 then you will get $/£10 free!

As with any investment there is always going to be risks when investing your own money, so stick to the free method if your not entirely sure. We are not offering you financial advice here, just advice on how to start earning and investing free cryptocurrency, which we have tried and tested ourselves.

Doing this alongside other business and making money online opportunities will be a great way to accumulate more income in the long run!

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