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Earn £39 - £49 Opening a Revolut account with us

Revolut is an online bank account with over 20 million users and is based in London, United Kingdom. It boasts "All things money" and enables you to buy crypto currencies to store in your personal wallet too.

From your everyday spending, to planning for your future with savings and investments, Revolut helps you get more from your money.

Open a new online bank account with Revolut (using our link) and you can earn rewards from us and revolut combined. You can earn between £39 and £49 which will go straight into your new Revolut account.


  1. Goto the Revolut website using our affiliate link here

  2. Once you have opened your account we will share our affiliate commision (50/50)

  3. Wait until you receive an email (from Revolut) asking if you want to deposit money into your account. This will be a £10 reward paid into your account once you deposit.

  4. For more rewards, you need to open the crypto section and goto the earn section.

  5. Watch each educational video on crypto and answer the multiple choice answers correctly to earn upto £15 in crypto.

  6. If you get the answers wrong then you are able to try again, so don't worry.

  7. If you want to sell your Crypto after earning it the just click on the sell button.

This offer ends on 23 August 2022 so please act quickly to obtain your rewards

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