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Creating a free email list to promote your offers!

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This is part 1 of 2 tutorials in this category

To promote your affiliate links or offers to dedicated customers (that are interested in what you're promoting or selling) isn't an easy process.

You can set up a campaign that collects people's emails but that can take alot of time and effort!

If you haven't got time or patience then please follow this short tutorial to get you started as soon as possible.

We've obtained an easy way to start building your list for free!

▪️Fist you need to start building your email list from scratch, so open up a new Word or Text document (either on a smartphone or pc) and title it "Email Campaign".

▪️Open your web browser and goto Google Search.

▪️In the search box, you need to type in:"{an occupation}" {a location}

E.g. " weight loss new york"

This will bring up an entire list of people on LinkedIn which are interested in the weight loss niche who live in new york.

Change the occupation and location to suite your niche and obtain an email list that is suitable for your promotion.

You can always change from to any other email provider and get more lists of emails that use other email accounts.

▪️Once you have searched, you need to copy all the results to your clipboard (pressing ctrl+a) on a pc or holding down on your smartphone and clicking copy

▪️Next open another browser window and goto a website called:

▪️Now paste what you copied from the Google search into the lite 1.4 email extractor. Where it says Separator - choose line and then click extract.

▪️Highlight the whole list of emails and copy them to your clipboard.

▪️Lastly paste into your word or text document that you created earlier.

▪️Repeat the process until you have got as many emails as you need!

That concludes part 1 or this 2 part tutorial which will help you in your online business venture. We hope you can find some kind of value with this tutorial, If you do then please give it a like and don't forget to share. Thanks

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