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Bitcoin Mining Free 100 G/Hz


As of recent week's the price of bitcoin has started to recover again so we need to take every opportunity to capitalise on this as much as possible.

Bitcoin mining has always been a great way to passively earn this cryptocurrency and this miner is no exception. You can start with the free version and leave it running without using any of your own CPU/GPU power or opt in to one of the starter packages for around $11 to give you five times as much. Either way it's a passive income stream which will grow more as the price of bitcoin grows.

The website also offers a good referral program for you to earn an extra 10% on anyone you introduce to their service using your unique referral link.

Theres not much you really need to do other than register on the website and let it run. Obviously the free package will take you longer to earn bitcoin but you can use what you earn to buy extra mining power.

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