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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

This FREE affiliate marketing tutorial shows you how to earn 50% commissions for promoting this offer. There's nothing for you to pay and we're not promoting any affiliate links ourselves. This is just for our members and subscribers of our website to take action on and start implementing themselves with these instructions.

To start off, were going to use a website called kicksta which is a social media manager platform that grows your business Instagram account. They will do all the hard work on getting your Instagram followers up to the recommended amount for your relevant business. These new followers and likes will be organically grown (from the required niche of your business) and will obviously have an interest in following your desired Instagram page niche. All in all this will make the business grow, having more social media presence and traffic.

You can use this method with your own online business or in this case we are going to use the kicksta affiliate program to promote instead. This is where they are offering 50% of every new sign up on there website.

The standard price is $49 per month, so you will be making $24.50 on each sale.

The premium price is $99 per month, so you will be making $49.50 on each sale.

Go ahead and sign up for kicksta affiliate website at and obtain your affiliate link to promote.

Once you have signed up and joined kicksta affiliate program, you can then search for businesses and companies that use Instagram. Use Google search to search for businesses that have an Instagram account or use the search option in Instagram itself.

You should be looking for each business that have around 1000 to 2000 followers to be able to give a better impact when you promote your offer to them.

Once you have found a number of businesses (obviously the more the better) you can reach out via email or direct message on Instagram. Promote all the details that will help them to grow with thousands of new targeted instagram followers. Also explain that social media is one of the biggest ways of advertising their business to thousands of targeted customers!

When emailing your offer you need to get straight to the point on what your promoting but you also need to be professional. Most people don't like being spammed so keep this in mind! You can also send follow-up emails to remind them within a couple of days if you have no response.

There is a little work to be done using this process but dont give up until you have at least one sale or its going to be pointless starting in the first place. Remember..the more effort you put in...the more you will achieve out of it This!

This marketing tactic can be used for a number of different websites and services, so go ahead and use your imagination to create multiple streams of income from it.

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