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4 more FREE cloud mining apps

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

As we've stated before...

Cloud Mining cryptocurrencies is the best way to build an online crypto presence, especially if its FREE to mine!

It takes almost NO time and EFFORT but can be rewarding!

On most of these apps all you need to do is open the app everyday and press the "mine" button to start the cloud mining process and thats it!

Installing all these apps together will multiply the amount of crypto that your mining, which will obviously benefit you much more and give your crypto wallet a bigger balance overall.


StormGain is a cryptocurrency exchange and leveraged trading broker, with a built-in multi-currency wallet. The all-in-one platform also offers FREE Bitcoin (btc) mining on its platform.

For you to keep mining consistently, you will need to go on your app every 4 hours to continue the mining process and you will also be rewarded bonuses to your balance. This process can't be any easier to earn your first cryptocurrency!

Go HERE to download and start earning

2. BTC Miner

BTC Miner is a stand-alone bitcoin mining app which requires you to continue the mining process every 24 hours. Its simplicity makes it easy to use and the payout threshold is 200,000 which makes it easier to achieve.

When mining, you are able to earn bonuses to accelerate the overall earning potential within the app, which speeds the hash rate up significantly.

To receive a bonus of 50 Satoshi bonus on balance in the application - use our referral code in referrals section 11128921

Go HERE to download and start earning


CryptoTab Browser is an Internet web browser that earns you crypto everytime you use it to search the Internet. It is said to be as good as Google Chrome, with the added benefit of earning crypto whilst using it.

Why not swap your browser for CryptoTab?

Go HERE to download and start earning


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange which is currently the largest exchange in the world in terms of daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies. They also offer a very attractive pool mining system on there platform which has no payout threshold on Ethereum (ETH) and the mined crypto is added directly to your balance.

Go HERE to download and start earning

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